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As a Value-Added Distributor and Strategic Partner, we offer several à la carte solutions to maximize the profits and sales of manufacturers. Whether a manufacturer uses our vendor-of-record program, our third party fulfillment program, or a hybrid, we have solutions tailored to the individual needs of our manufacturer partners. We are nimble, flexible, and experienced, making us the perfect partner to SOLVE your Distribution Challenges.

Omni-Channel Market Management

Virtual Supply employs a strategic orchestration of channels that creates an efficient and superior shopping experience for the end user. It isn’t uncommon for retail customers of ours, like Costco or Walmart, to have in-store, online, and mobile channel sales that we support. We guarantee a fast and effective receiving and shipping experience to promote customer satisfaction and encourage not only repeat shopping but a drastic increase in word-of-mouth referrals.

Custom Shopping Carts

Need a partner to create, manage, and fulfill products ordered from your website?  Choose as little or as much of our development services that you need.

Shopping Cart Design and Management

Many manufacturers launch e-commerce platforms with us. Not only does our fulfillment team drop-ship right to the end user, but our in-house solutions team creates and manages shopping cart portals. By adding another layer of omni-channel involvement, the shopper is ensured a flawless transition from shopping to shipping and ultimately receiving.


The Virtual Supply advantage lies not only in getting products out the door with reliable speed and world class customer service, but also by supporting seasonal and promotional spikes. Our infrastructure can ramp to support increased volume requirements, meeting the needs of our partners with very little lead-time. We know that you must strike when the market is ready, and our years of experience give us the leverage and know-how to bolster sales by getting your products staged, shipped, and out-the-door when you need it to happen.

Product Availability 24/7

Is your dock appointment with Amazon still out 9 days? Why not supplement your product with placement in Marketplace or other major platforms? We support and fill in the gaps to meet customer demand.


Manufacturers feel confident with a Virtual Supply team member on their side, watching the marketplace, identifying retailers who are breaking MAP, and looking out for counterfeit products. Google Alerts on your brand can also give us insight to emerging trends, recent press reports, and reviews about your company and products. We also utilize guaranteed fraud protection services such as SIGNIFYD to eliminate the risk of chargebacks in the ecommerce retail channel. This investment provides a friction-free buying transaction for customers to enhance current and future shopping experiences.

Consistent Product Availability

We strategically create and manage online stores to supplement and support the e-commerce efforts of our manufacturers. By building out additional platforms, we create digital space for manufacturers to leverage against the ever-changing tide of the e-commerce space to maximize control of their product and build brand awareness.

Call Virtual Supply today to learn more about our Custom Solutions to solve your distribution challenges:

  • Warehousing 
  • Drop-shipping
  • Pick, pack and ship
  • LTL bulk shipments
  • Dealer shipments
  • Vigilant MAP enforcement
  • Fraud Surveillance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Shopping Cart Management
  • Brand Protection
  • Product Refurbishing
  • Reverse Logistics

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